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This was something I wrote back when I was a senior in high school.

Almost Closing Time
Jan 20, ’08 4:52 PM
Today’s the 20th of January, tomorrow’s Optimus’s birthday : ) And from now, it’s about two months and 10 days ’till we take our own different paths….. apart. You have to admit, it’s pretty hard to let go of something you’ve been holding on to for four years.

Our batch had so many trials and experiences to face. All those, we faced together. That’s why our batch is OPTIMUS. We are ultimate. Every new beginnning comes from some other beginnings end. The ultimate can survive this world, even apart. That’s what makes us so ultimate. And I guess it’s time to accept. We can’t hold on forever, otherwise we’re holding ourselves back from oppurtinities that are better. God has a plan for all of us, He’ll find a way to bring us all back together. We had errs that we fixed, we had problems that we faced, we had gaps that mended, and more importantly, we had fun : )

We’re gonna take our own paths soon, but we should never forget the stuff about high school. The friends, the experiences. High school is like, a marker of our lives. It’s one of the most important stages or levels of life, of growing up. In high school, everything becomes clearer, you find out who you really wanna be, you find out how the outside world really is, you find out how people really act. It’s a stepping stone, it’s the beginning of growing up. But in between growing up, there’s always room for acting like a baby : )

High school’s been great, i don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t enroll in that school. That school’s taught me so much things, and i’ve achieved so much. I have to admit, it’s kinda scary thinking of college. Here in high school i’ve got everything planned out, I know who my enemies are, I know how to fight them. I know who my friends are, it’s hard to find a bunch like them. I know who I like, I know who I hate. I know what’s cool here, I know what’s lame. Here in high school, I know who I am, i’ve been a success. I’m good at “high school”. In college, I have to start all over again. It’s scary, cause it won’t be the same, there are new techniques to learn. But I guess that’s life, adapting, learning, accepting, being challenged.

Well, let’s face the days ahead together Optimus. If the person who’s reading this isn’t part of Optimus, you’re probably wondering who I am. Well, i’m Hannah Mercado, i’ve got high school pretty planned out. Everybody knows me, I know pretty much a lot here. And it’s almost time to go back to the drawing board.

I also have one message for you, about life: “Life goes on, and so should we” : )


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