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Sometimes we get inspiration from complete strangers. A simple glance from the eyes, a half-smile from their face. A message shown from a blog.

Hey Tyler. You inspired me to write this.

I lost $200,000 playing poker on FaceBook today. My summer’s all washed out. My heart was finally healed this summer.. Then it got crushed again. They all have summer school. I am alone, I am no one.

I now realize all the harshness of life. Yesterday, I felt right at home in my world. Now I feel lost. Watching the entire 5th season of Lost made me feel even more lost. They just got out of the island. Why on earth would they wanna go back?

Why? Cause they belong there. Three years had gone by. They were living their lives back in paradise. Jack was a doctor. Kate was a mom. Sayid was a construction worker. Sun was mom to be. Hurly was fat. They were all in heaven. John told them they had to come back to the island. It was the only way to save everybody else on it. Why? Cause that’s where they belong. I guess it was like they were part of the island. Maybe it was like taking a robot’s legs off. How else would it walk?
Despite the heavenly life of Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Hurly, deep inside of them, I know they felt the presence of hell. Jack was alone. Kate wasn’t the real mother of her son. Sayid was living a lie. Sun didn’t have Jin. Hurly was considered nuts.

Deep inside they knew they weren’t happy. That’s why in the end, it wasn’t difficult to make them go back to the island. Even if they’d tell themselves they were happy, they knew they were not. That’s why they chose to go back. Even with all the lies, the secrets, the trouble.. they knew it was where they belonged.

Where on this earth do I belong? Where do you?

A sudden burst of confusion. Suddenly, I do not know what I want anymore.

Yesterday, I was so sure of everything. Now, I am lost.